Visit Marvin

No explaining Marvin. You’re just going to have to see for yourself!

Chat Page

Join the Chat page.

Crossword Puzzle

Just an old fashion Crossword Puzzle.

Fruit Matching

Match 3 or more identical fruits to make them explode before time runs out.

More Crosswords

See if you can fill in the words.


An old style game. Make sure you don’t blow yourself up.

Find The Pair

Find the match after viewing the block of images.

Playful Kitty

Break objects to get the ball of twine to the kitty.


Send a virtual postcard to your friends.


Levels Easy – Madness. Take up the challenge.


Each Puzzle will break into 12 – 104 Pieces. Take up the challenge.


Simply put the pieces on the right square.


Play Sudoku

The Sorcerer

An arcade style game. See how many levels you can reach.

Play Tetris

The game we’ve all learned to love.

Word Search

Play in one of six different languages.

Word Search 2

Find the words. Take up the challenge.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Place the pieces where they belong. Simply drag them into place.


Each Puzzle will break into 16 – 100 Pieces. Take up the challenge.

Slider Puzzle

Click the pieces to move them into the empty box. Build the image.


Find as many words as you can. You’re on the clock.